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    AMA, a slang that originated on Reddit, refers to a QnA session with a guest who is accepting any and all questions. AMAs are an experiment to "reinvent pedagogy" at SCMS - a platform where its just you and the guest. There will be no teachers present, nor any rules except "be respectful, be curious, be honest.". This forum is a brilliant place to ask deep questions and learn from another's perspective of the world we all live in.
  • Raised in Dubai, Sakina is a perfect example of a character from Swades-who came back to India and then just didn't want to leave.

    Sakina Hussain in the house!!

    Sakina Hussain is an alumnus from the 3rd BBA batch at SCMS-UG, who has been on a career adventure since her graduation 2009. She’s currently working as a HR Professional in a Healthcare IT- Clinical tranformation Company. She basically hires & only sometimes fire individuals at OHUM Healthcare Solution Pvt,Ltd,Pune.


    After her journey at SCMS, she flew back to the place where she was born brought up, the land of opportunities-UAE. After struggling for 9 months in the year of recession to get herself a job & with no luck, she finally decided to come back to Pune for pursuing her Masters.


    “I never wanted to do a conventional MBA,hence decided to get myself enrolled in MBA-
    Hospital & Healthcare Management from Symbiosis Institute Healthcare Science,Pune.

  • Raised in Dubai, Sakina is a perfect example of a character from Swades-who came back to India and then just didn't want to leave.


    Apart from making a career in managing,counselling training people she loves giving

    counselling and doing grivience handing non professionally too.

    She loves talking endlessly and has been diagnosed with Verbal Diarrhea by her mother.


    She has been formally trained and being a part of the Toastmaster Public Speaking club right from the age of 12. She also enjoys doing community service & has even been an active member with Manzil-Centre & School for Autism,Sharjah. She loves singing and hopes getting officially trained for it someday.


    Sakina also enjoys learning new things & has finally enrolled herself in Post graduate Diploma (HR), to obtain a formal degree matching her profession.


    As an alumni, Sakina has agreed to do an "AMA - Ask me Anything" at SCMS - to contribute back to her institute with her learnings and experiences. To follow Sakina’s journey, you can connect with her on Facebook

    Come to the AV Room this Tuesday at 4:30 PM and ask her absolutely anything!

    Attendance is not mandatory and only those interested need attend.

    24th Nov 2015

    4:30 onwards

    AV Room

    3rd floor